Korean Beauty Brand MiiN

100% Korean research and development and manufacture of MiiN LED iMask, there are 7 different types of skin beauty energy light, which can achieve different effects such as firming and anti-aging, soothing sensitivity, whitening and brightening, removing acne and moisturizing, whether it is male or female All creams work together!


MiiN iMask

Just 10 minutes a day

iMask's 720 LEDs beats the industry standard by 3 times of LEDs.  APP for iPhone or Andorid phone is avaible to customize settings that fits your needs.

Equipped with Auto Mode, it will use red light and blue light respectively to fight aging and oil problems for you.


In addition, you can also choose different functions such as sensitive skin, problem skin care, anti-oxidation, etc. Each mode will have more than one lamp suitable for you, which is very suitable for lazy people who don't want to choose!



LED Skincare for Neck

iNeck covers the chest as well as neck with 288 LED and 72 NIR

Red LED-Elasticity

Green LED-Tone-up

Blue LED-Sebum Control

iNeck beauty machine can achieve skin repair, brightening, firming and anti-aging functions

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