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Korean Skin Care Brand MiiN Launches In Hong Kong

Unveiling NextGen LED Face iMask to Bring Easy, Unparalleled At-home Beauty


(Hong Kong, Jan 28 2021) - The up-and-coming Korean skincare brand MiiN is proud to announce its arrival in Hong Kong, unveiling high-tech flagship product LED light devices MiiN iMask and iNeck that tend to various skin problems using state-of-the-art light therapy to delight all beauty lovers. 


Designed and made in South Korea, MiiN iMask and iNeck offers the ultimate Korean-style skin management, bringing high-end dermatologist centres home. With iMask and iNeck, ladies can enjoy salon-grade at-home beauty any time in the “new normal” when working at home is the norm, saving their expenses and time, or snatching a beauty sleep right after a skin management routine.

MiiN iMask and iNeck fuses LED light technology with medical-grade infrared lights to provide skin management that is beyond comparison. iMask and iNeck are two of the leading LED beauty devices in Hong Kong with the most LED and near-infrared (NIR) lights, packing a total of 1,080 LED and NIR lights in such handy and nifty designs. 


To tackle a wide variety of skin problems that trouble different individuals, MiiN offers the option to customise the skin management routine by sectioning the face into 16 zones. Users can tailor those 16 zones to emit different colours of LED light with MiiN’s mobile app to deal with different skin problems, such as an oily T-zone, eye wrinkles, and many more.


Spending just 10 minutes per day on iMask and iNeck can stimulate skin cell regeneration and hence improve the skin’s absorbing capability. Without the need to apply skin products before using, iMask and iNeck are the ultimate solutions to bring all-round skin management in a modern hectic society. 


MiiN iMask comes in white and rose colours, and comprises 720 LED and NIR lights that emit 6 sets of high-output, low-coherence and broad pulsed rays of 470-850 microns (µm)  to penetrate the skin layers with different wavebands. Users can rest assured they won’t be tanned as the device does not emit UV rays that are harmful to the skin.


Skin effects of different light colours

  • Red:    Activate skin cell, anti-aging, and anti-oxidation

A "bioactive light" of ~635µm is used to reach the dermis, to stimulate cell growth and proliferate collagen growth, shrink pores and smooth wrinkles, and make skin healthy and shine.

  • Green: Brighten and tighten the skin

The ~520µm light waves stimulate the growth of fibroblasts in the dermis without damaging the epidermis, make the skin plumper and firmer to give a younger look.

  • Blue:   Sterilization, tackle acne, and oily skin

The ~470µm rays that repair skin damage, relieve inflammation, improve acne and oily skin issues, and bring fine and smooth skin. It is great to use after a long day of wearing masks.

  • Yellow: Whitening, brightening, and improving skin redness

The ~590µm rays that repair skin cells, activate subcutaneous tissue growth,  lessen uneven melanin, pigments, and freckles, and brighten dull skin.

  • Purple: Deep cleansing and refresh skin

The dual emission of blue and red rays facilitates skin metabolism, replenishes skin energy, cleanses pores and tightens the skin.

  • Sky blue: Moisturise and rejuvenate

The ~500µm rays bring moisture to the skin and protect it from drying from exposure to dry weather or air-condition.

  • NIR (Near-Infrared Rays): 

The ~850µm rays are colourless light sources that penetrate deep into the skin to speed up skin metabolism, regulate micro-ecology, nourish healthy skin, improve skin pigmentation, and smoothen fine lines, loose and dry skin.


Customise personal or weather-conscious treatments at ease with MiiN’s mobile app


iMask’s minimalist design combining MiiN’s interactive smart app brings users an extraordinary skin management experience. 

Standard mode: The button on the nose is designed to change the sets of LED color from the built-in beauty programme with a gentle press.

Automatic mode: Press the button for 1 second to switch to automatic mode, which has sets of rotating beauty programmes that focus on different face areas, treating different skin problems at the same time.

  • Personalized routine with mobile app: MiiN app can section the face into 16 zones, customise the LED lights in these zones to treat different beauty needs, and adjust the LED emission intensity and duration.

  • Intelligent weather mode: MiiN app will suggest different skin management routines according to the daily weather, offering an intimate and bespoke skincare experience

  • If men are lazy, they can go directly to Auto Mode and choose "Men" mode, which will use red light and blue light respectively to help you anti-aging and deal with oil problems.

  • In addition, you can choose different functions such as sensitive skin, problem skin care, anti-oxidation, etc. Each mode will have more than one lamp suitable for you, which is very suitable for lazy people who don't want to choose!

  • If you are not sure about your skin problems, you can use the skin diagnosis mode of the App.

  • The system will determine your skin age and suitable treatment according to your wrinkles, pores, pigmentation and oil secretion.


Use together with iNeck for an all-round skincare

Modern phubbers often build up necklines and wrinkles over time unknowingly, and the beauty market lacks LED beauty devices to cater to the specific need of treating neck skin problems - MiiN iNeck comes right in time.


Comprising 288 LED and 72 NIR lights, iNeck can radiate 4 sets of light colours with moisturising, whitening, repairing, soothing, anti-aging, and skin tightening effects. It works without having to apply any skin products before usage, and is easy to use just like an ordinary neck mask. Combining iMask and iNeck, ladies can manage their face and neck daily routine in one go, never worrying about the neck having an uneven skin tone and bad complexion unmatched to the face due to lack of facial care.


MiiN iMask is priced at HK$4,300, and iNeck at HK$4,200, available at MiiN’s official website, HKTV mall, Hong Kong Suning online store,, and Muse Digital e-shop.




About MiiN


Korean beauty brand MiiN landed in Hong Kong in 2021, specialises in fusing high-end optical technology to provide a collection of LED beauty products and UV sterilizers. 


Designed and produced in Korea, the LED beauty device iMask uses light radiation to penetrate the skin and treat a variety of common skin problems, improve and rejuvenate the skin without damaging the epidermis. The minimal and exquisite mask design offers ladies an unparalleled dermatologist-level Korean at-home skin management experience.


Another flagship product iNeck, designed to be used on its own or in conjunction with iMask, fills the white space of the beauty market’s unmet needs of neck-focus optical devices. It is the perfect modern solution to tackle necklines and wrinkles that phubbers often overlook.


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